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Brian Swain Ltd is a network organisation of
high-performing Lean practitioners working together
to create a leading-edge Lean Construction Consultancy

As an organisation, we specialise in:
Whole Organisation Lean Transformations
Lean Performance Improvement and Management
Organisational and Individual Development

Clarity of Purpose
Our first step is always to clarify and agree both purpose and strategy,
driven by the developmental imperatives of the whole company in terms
of its market, people, products, processes and customers.

At Brian Swain Ltd, we aim to support and implement challenging
strategies that inspire and guide companies and their supply chains
to develop high performance and effective synergies throughout the
Improvement projects are good, but unless these improvements move
the whole company forward, they soon become isolated islands of
excellence that wither.

Contact us
For more information on how Brian Swain Ltd can help you to develop
your organisation and improve performance, call us on 01342 825065
or email us at

Brian Swain Ltd, PO Box 810, East Grinstead RH19 9FU

Brian Swain

Brian Swain has been working
in Lean Manufacturing and
Construction for over 25 years.
He has specialised, for the past
15 years, in Lean Construction.

Over this time, Brian has built
working relationships with many
intelligent, capable, experienced
and like-minded individuals,
Lean practitioners and thinkers.

These include Prof. Jeff Liker, with
whom he is further developing and
scheduling ‘Toyota Way’ leadership
programmes, Prof. Daniel T Jones
and Arthur Zajonc.

Brian is a founding Director of the
Lean Construction Institute UK.